Program Administrator User Manual


Finding Your Enrollment Group

  • Log in at the Endocrine Society Center for Learning
  • Hover over “Fellows Training Series” in the top navigation 
  • Your enrollment group will be listed on this tab (after you log in) 

How to Enroll Your Fellows 

Each activity is listed on the Activities page of your enrollment group.

To enroll a fellow: 

  • Click Add button listed next to each FTS activity 
  • On the Search Users screen, enter your fellow's Endocrine Society ID or email address in the fellow's existing Endocrine Society account (you can enter multiple fellows IDs/email addresses at once) 
  • Once all of your fellows' accounts are found, select their accounts and click "Enroll and Add to Group
  • You will need to follow these steps to enroll your fellows into each course of FTS: you can decide which fellows to enroll in which activity at which time, as appropriate for your curriculum 

Once your fellow is enrolled in an activity, that activity will be listed on the Pending Activities tab in their Endocrine Society Center for Learning accounts.  When instructing them to access an activity, direct your fellows to the Pending Activities tab at

Grading Your Fellows' Reports

The Endocrine Procedures: Interpreation of DXA, Interpreation of Thyroid Nodules and Interpretation and management of CGM and Insulin Pumps activities require a program administrator to grade each fellows

After you have logged in and clicked into your program's enrollment group

  • Click Manage on next to the activity that requires grading
  • From the list of enrolled fellows, click Grade next to the fellow's  individual report that needs to be graded
  • You will be asked to assess the fellow's responses on a scale of Progressing, Meets Expectations and Exceeds Expectations
  • After you have assesed the fellow's progress for each case, click Save Score