Follow-up Survey

In our ongoing efforts to evaluate the impact of CME and to refine future activities, we are asking for a moment of your time to complete a short follow-up survey. The purpose of this survey is to help you reflect on any knowledge gained from the activity and to share with us how you may have changed your approach to assessing and managing your patients. Please complete this follow up survey to be entered into a drawing for a free copy of ESAP 2016.

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Additional Questions

To help us measure the impact this activity has had on your practice, please answer these brief questions

3) Which newly approved weight loss medications have a recommendation to stop the weight loss drug if the patient does not lose 3% to 5% percent of their weight by 3 to 4 months of being started on the medication?


4) It is recommended by the endocrine society obesity guidelines to remove or switch out medications that are associated with weight gain.  Which of the following medications does not have good data showing medication is associated with weight gain: