The Endocrine Society is compiling an image library to offer as a teaching resource to clinician-educators, through various modules and resources. Members are encouraged to submit images for review and consideration for the library.


Case Information

First, provide some basic details about the clinical case and the patient, to provide context for the images. Then, you'll upload and attach each image with a description.

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Patient characteristics
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Image Submission

Submitted images should:

  • Be from your own practice, and include relevant patient details (with identifying details removed)
  • Demonstrate an important teaching point related to interpretation of the image
  • Whenever possible, include an unmarked version of the image (without arrows or circles pointing out the relevant/diagnostic portion)

Your submission will constitute your assertion that all of the material in your submission is owned by you, and that you consent to have it included in materials published by the Endocrine Society. Your agreement to have your material included does not affect your ownership of your images or your materials. The Endocrine Society will not acquire any ownership interest in your images or your materials because of your submission.

You can add up to five images per submission.