Follow-up Survey
Much more oftenMore oftenAbout the sameLess oftenMuch less oftenN/A
Utilize short-acting GLP-1 RAs for appropriate patients
Utilize long-acting GLP-1 RAs for appropriate patients
Utilize both short-and long-acting GLP-1 RAs more frequently
Consider GLP-1 RAs in patients with a history of pancreatitis
Use a GLP-1 RA instead of basal insulin for patients who have an inadequate response to oral antidiabetic
Use basal insulin in combination with a GLP-1 RA for patients with T2DM
Much more confidentMore confidentAbout the sameLess confidentMuch less confident
Evaluating the most recent evidence when considering use of GLP-1 RA as part of T2DM treatment plan
Applying updated safety data for the GLP-1 RA drug class
Discussing the nonglycemic effects of GLP-1 RAs, including their positive impact on weight and cardiovascular risk factors
Utilizing GLP-1 RAs more effectively in appropriate patients with T2DM