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CEU 2017 Follow-up Survey

Clinical Follow-up Question:

A 33-year-old man reports a progressive decline in libido and weakness. Serum total and calculated free testosterone concentrations are low; repeat tests on an early morning sample confirm these results. Serum FSH and LH are below the lower limit of detectability. Sellar MRI reveals a 1.2 cm pituitary macroadenoma. Thorough evaluation of the macroadenoma reveals that it is nonfunctional. Thyroid and adrenal function tests are normal. 

Past medical history:

  • No medical illnesses
  • Surgeries:  appendectomy at age 9
  • SH:  He is married, and the couple are considering having children in the “next 1-2 years”.

Physical examination:

  • Height is 72 in (183 cm) BMI = 28 kg/m2
  • BP 132/72 HR 68
  • He has a normal cardiac and pulmonary examination
  • He has a normal penis, and his testes are 25 cc each


  • Serum testosterone 125 ng/dL (4.3 nmol/L)
Which of the following is the choice of testosterone replacement therapy for this man who wants to conceive within the next 2 years?
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