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Understand the how the therapy of hypothyroidism has evolved since the first use of thyroid gland preparations
Describe how TSH references intervals may vary for different populations and understand the impact of TSH values on outcomes, morbidity, and mortality
List the factors other than serum TSH values, such as T3 levels and polymorphisms in TH transporters and deiodinases, that may potentially provide information about the thyroid status of patients
Describe the potential benefits and risks of combination therapy, and weigh these factors in order to determine whether combination therapy should be offered to patients with hypothyroidism
Review areas with significant knowledge gaps, such as whether measuring additional thyroid analytes beyond TSH and FT4 is helpful, and whether diet/dietary supplements impact thyroid function
Describe how patient-centered outcomes might be incorporated into the management of patients with hypothyroidism
Appreciate the patient perspective during the treatment of hypothyroidism
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Led to practice improvements
Led to patient benefits