This series of live educational events is designed for regional experts in pituitary care to present live, in-person using interactive case-based discussion which will benefit clinicians to better manage and monitor response to treatment of Cushing's Disease. During this educational event, attendees will learn about recent advances in managing Cushing’s Syndrome and its complications and enable caregivers to improve their ability to identify and manage the condition accurately.

The live interactive case-based discussion format will help attendees better understand the role of individualized treatment, including surgery, medical therapy, bilateral adrenalectomy and radiation. We will focus on recently approved second-line treatment therapies tailored to meet unique patient needs, including the best biochemical markers, for assessing treatment response. This will optimize medical therapy treatment outcomes for patients and improve their quality of life. Participation will help attendees learn how to distinguish features of glucocorticoid withdrawal from adrenal insufficiency, which can be somewhat difficult to differentiate clinically. Understanding these differences can help clinicians make informed decisions regarding patient management.


The program will review the importance of comorbidities and symptoms management in patients with hypercortisolemia due to an ACTH-secreting pituitary adenoma. This can be especially important, as patients with Cushing's Disease experience a range of physical and emotional symptoms that adversely impact their quality of life.

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