The Endocrine Self-Assessment Program (ESAP™) is a self-study curriculum for clinicians wanting a self-assessment and a broad review of endocrinology.


The Endocrine Self-Assessment Program (ESAP™) is a self-study curriculum aimed at physicians seeking initial certification or recertification in endocrinology, program directors interested in a testing and training instrument, and clinicians simply wanting a self-assessment and a

The dramatic increase in the prevalence of individuals at risk for the development of ASCVD and T2DM throughout the developed and developing world requires that physicians and other care providers are aware of the risk factors for these conditions and can identify individuals at risk in order to

Diabetes, particularly type 2, is becoming more prevalent in the general population, especially in individuals over the age of 65 years. The underlying pathophysiology of the disease in these patients is exacerbated by the direct effects of aging on metabolic regulation.

This activity is available to fellowship training programs subscribed to the Fellows Training Series.

Managing patients type 1 diabetes (T1D) and the associated complications using patient-centered care and evolving therapies requires continual education for

After the proctored exam and reports have been released, now what? Fellows enrolled in ITE Plus receive access to additional online learning materials that allow them to:

Developing the Future of Endocrinology

The ESAP In-Training Exam (ITE) is a self-assessment tool designed for clinical endocrinology fellows in-training. The only in-training exam for endocrinology fellows, ESAP-ITE is designed to:

Due to remarkable improvements in childhood cancer treatment and supportive care during the past several decades, 5-year survival rates for childhood cancer currently are >80%.


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