Professional Development Sessions

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Competency Area: 
Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Topic Area: 
General Endocrinology
Level of Outcomes: 
Level 1 (Participation)
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Disclosures for "Effective Teaching Strategies":

  • Nuha A El Sayed, MD, MMSc - None.
  • Mark S. Roberson, PhD - None.
  • Inga Harbuz-Miller, MD - None.

Disclosures for "Resiliency and Managing Burnout":

  • Rocio Pereira, MD - None
  • Stanley Andrisse, PhD - None.
  • Deborah T. Rana, MSc, MD, FAAP - None.
  • Stuart Slavin, MD, MEd - Other; McGraw Hill.

Disclosures for "Transcending Boundaries: How to Effectively Build Global Networks and Partnerships":

  • Ana Claudia Latronico, MD, PhD - None.
  • Diana Cruz-Topete, PhD - None.

Disclosures for "Communication Challenges in Science":

  • Sally Ann Camper, PhD - None.
  • Cecilia C. Low Wang, MD - None.
  • Peter J. Trainer, MBChB, FRCP, MD - None.
  • Jaydira Del Rivero, M.D. -  None.