MRI Interpretation of Pituitary Sellar Lesions

Analyzing and interpreting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of pituitary sellar lesions is done routinely in clinical practice. APDEM recognizes that these skills should be incorporated in endocrinology fellowship program curriculum. This online activity will address training points included in the APDEM Curriculum and will help prepare your fellows for their clinical careers. By participating in this online activity, fellows will be able to:

  • Assess their knowledge through image-based clinical case vignettes
  • Watch "Pituitary MRI Interpretation" by Nicholas A. Tritos, MD, DSc from the 2016 Pituitary Fellows Conference
  • Review additional references for further learning

The following topics are covered within this activity:

  • Sellar anatomy
  • Indications for sellar imaging
  • Imaging protocol
  • The normal pituitary on MRI
  • Differential diagnosis of sellar masses
  • Radiographic appearance and overview of sellar lesions
MRI Interpretation of Pituitary Sellar Lesions is available to fellowship training programs subscribed to the Fellows Training Series.

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Patient Care and Procedural Skills
Medical Knowledge
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Neuroendocrinology and Pituitary
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Level 3B (Learning: Procedural Knowledge (Knows How))
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Nicholas A. Tritos, MD, DSc
Associate Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Neuroendocrine and Pituitary Clinical Center
Massachusetts General Hospital

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