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Thank you for subscribing your program to the Endocrine Society’s Fellows Training Series (FTS). In addition to being the platform for the In-Training Exam (ITE), the FTS is a resource for a variety of other tools for you and your fellows.  The Endocrine Society is seeking your feedback on which tools, or potential tools, would serve you best.  Our goal is to make the most relevant content available to you.  Therefore, we request that you take a few minutes to complete this brief survey.

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OP HamnvikMD, MBBChBAO, MMSc, MRCPI, and Sky GraybillMD -- Co-Chairs of the Fellows Training Series Steering Group

Mark True -- Chair of the Clinical Endocrine Education Committee

If so, please list what tools and the sources.
1 is the least important, 5 is the most important
1 - not important at all2 - somewhat important3 - moderately important4 - fairly important5 - extremely important
Teach and document competency in ABIM/ACGME-required endocrine procedures (e.g., thyroid ultrasound, dual x-ray absorptiometry, insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor)
Teach and document competency in universal ACGME-required subjects tailored to endocrinology (e.g., medical professionalism in clinical endocrinology)
Teach my fellows areas of content that are not routinely encountered in my institution (e.g., transgender medicine, rare endocrine diseases)
Teach my fellows the basics of radiology imaging interpretation, outside of thyroid ultrasound (e.g., pituitary MRI, adrenal imaging)
Teach my fellows clinical areas of content that cover common illnesses and clinical practice guidelines (e.g., CPG reviews, Type 1 diabetes management)
Yes, this resource would be helpful to add as isYes, if modified to fit the programMaybeNo, I do not think this resource should be addedI am not aware of this resource
CEU Session Recordings
ENDO Session Recordings
MTP Session Recordings and Content
EBR Questions
EBR Session Recordings
Endocrine News Podcast Series
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