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How do I find available courses?
Thank you for your interest in our educational programs! To search through our catalog, please select "Catalog" in the top navigation menu, and you will be taken to a page where you can filter by topic area, target audience, and available credit.

Are all courses available for CME credit?
All courses offer CME Certificates of Participation, but not all courses are eligible for AMA PRA Category 1 credit or MOC points. Prior to launching any course, please review the information box provided on the right side of the screen. The credits listed in this section are based on fields in your Endocrine Society profile.

For AMA PRA Category 1 credit and MOC points, your Endocrine Society profile must have an accurate ABIM #, degree field must include MD or DO, and the following fields must match your ABIM profile: Birthdate and name. If any of this information is missing or does not match your ABIM profile, our system cannot report your earned credit to the appropriate accrediting bodies

If the available credits only show CME Certificate of Participation, then it is either ineligible for other forms of credit, or your Endocrine Society profile's information does not match your ABIM profile.

I attended a live program and need to complete the evaluation for credit. Where do I find this?
At the end of each live program, a link to the evaluation product is provided. If the link was not available, please search our course catalog and be sure to double-check the program date before launching. To receive credit and a certificate, you must complete the evaluation by the end of the calendar year.

If you registered for a live program but were not able to attend, you will need to register for the recorded course product to view the presentation and obtain credit. Note that MOC points provided in a live program may not be available with the recording as the required interactive elements may not be provided.

How do I navigate through a course?
Each course will have a navigation menu on the left-hand side that lists all of the course components. Within that navigation menu, each component will be marked as either required or optional. Required components must be completed in order to unlock other activities. Following the completion of each required component, you may then select the Credit component (if provided) to report any credit that requires manual calculation (such as ENDO session attendance) or move directly to the Certificate component to download your certificate.

The next course component is greyed out even though I completed everything before that. How do I move on?
If the next course component is greyed out, it is because the preceding required item has not been marked complete. Please click through each preceding course component to make sure the status circle is filled green. Quizzes may have a minimum passing score, and this can be found in the "Pass Rate" field provided on the quiz's homepage. If you believe you have completed all required course components but the rest of the course remains locked, please contact Endocrine Society staff.

How do I print a certificate after completing a course?
Once you have completed all required components of a course, select the Credit and then the Certificate options in the course navigation menu so you can first report your credit and then obtain a certificate. Certificates can also be found under the Completed Activities tab of your profile. Simply click "My Activities" in the top navigation menu, and a "Print Certificate" option will be available to the right of each completed course.

How do I report credit to ABIM?
If the educational activity is eligible for MOC points and your Endocrine Society account details exactly match your ABIM account (name, birthdate, ABIM #), then our learning platform will report the credit to ABIM for you. As a reminder, it is extremely important that you confirm all account details match BEFORE you complete a course as we may not be able to retroactively award credit once a course has expired.

When does my course expire?
Expiration dates can be found in three locations:

  • Prior to registration, an information box on the right-hand side will designate the CME credit provided to eligible users, and the course expiration date
  • In the Pending Activities block on the Center for Learning homepage by clicking the "+" to the left of the course title
  • Under My Activities, select Pending Activities and it will be listed to the right of the course title

Note: all required course components must be completed by this date for credit to be awarded and reported.