Endocrine Society Position Statement Comment Review Period Open

Addressing Rising Insulin Costs: An Endocrine Society Position Statement 

The Endocrine Society is accepting member comment on its updated draft position statement on the rising cost of insulin. Position statements establish priorities that guide the Society's advocacy efforts and inform our response to proposed policy changes. This statement was updated in response to ongoing legislative and regulatory activities that aim to address rising drug costs and will be used to educate policymakers about the nuances of this issue. Position statements are reviewed by relevant Society committees, posted for member comment, and approved by the Society’s Board of Directors.


Comment Review Period Open

To access a draft of the position statement, click on the statement’s title below and it will open up in a new tab of your web browser (at the top of this window).


Instructions on adding comment(s)* below:

  • If you have multiple comments, click "Yes" on the radio button to add another comment. 
  • Click "Submit" when finished adding all comments.

Helpful Hint: You may want to do one of the following when submitting your comments:

  1. First, read the position statement and write notes on a separate piece of paper.  Then come back to this online submission form to insert all of that information at one time. 
  2. Alternatively, given that the draft of the position statement opens in a new tab of your web browser, you can switch between the tab of the draft and the tab of the online comment submission form in order to submit your comments.

Note: this draft position statement is under embargo and should not be circulated to anyone who is not an Endocrine Society member.

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