It was wonderful to meet you at ENDO 2019! You clearly have a passion to teach and share your interest in Endocrinology.

The summary of our discussion at ENDO :

  •     we should focus on improving knowledge gap.
  •     share resources via a shared drive
  •     use cases to deliver content. Have the case based educational material accessible in clinic settings.
  •     develop content for 'need to know' and 'common mistakes' areas rather than all topics, at least to start with.
  •     have fellows involved in the process, both in content development and teaching.
  •     find ways to use on-line tools technology / apps to enhance the experience
  •     find ways to get  Internal Medical Program Directors/Residents and possibly students to use these tools.
  •     assess efficacy of the teaching program. ITE scores might be one way of doing so


Moving forward: The process can be undertaken in phases.


File Draft_Endocrine Curriculum for Residents.docx

  •     Review the Blueprint that has already been written. Look at the 'do not miss' and 'common error' in each content area.
  •     Develop cases based educational material that covers the 'do not miss' and 'common errors' in each content area.

Please sign up content you will develop and upload any tools and resources you would like to share with the group.