Thank you for your interest in submitting cases and/or questions for ENDO 2020. For the below sessions, an important aim is to discuss cases and questions you routinely encounter in your endocrinology clinics that either illustrate important learning points or challenging/puzzling cases. Selected cases/questions for each session will be used by the presenter to stimulate discussion and demonstrate best practice. The interactive discussions will enable you to ask questions, raise concerns, and seek advice.

The sessions you can submit cases for are:

We would like to encourage you to submit cases/questions. If you would like to submit cases/questions for multiple of the above sessions, please complete this form once for each session no later than March 9, 2020.

For each case you submit, please upload a PDF document with a summary of the case with 500 words or fewer that does not include any patient-identifiable information. We recommend the following structure for your case submissions:

I. Introduction and case report description
II. Description of the problem, procedures, techniques, and/or equipment used (with images, if necessary - please use PDF for all attachments)
III. Questions, problems, or possible differential diagnosis
IV. Answers and discussion
V. Conclusions and implications for clinical practice - OR questions that you would like to have the presenter and/or group answer.

The submission deadline is March 9, 2020.