What is Twitter and How to Make it Work for You


In the era of social media, you don't need to own a newspaper or a television station to put your messaging in front of millions of people. The social media platform Twitter has more than 900 million accounts - the equivalent of three accounts for every person in the United States! 

By creating your own account, you have the opportunity to share your research findings or perspective on clinical care with millions of people. You can join existing conversations or create new ones with peers and leaders in the field. 

Research has shown social media posts correlate with citations and other traditional metrics we use to measure success in the endocrinology field.

Cover of the Journal of Medical Internet ResearchEysenbach G. Can tweets predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics of scientific impact. J Med Internet Res. 2011 Dec 19;13(4):e123. 


Using Twitter to Highlight Your Work

Endocrinology Editor-in-Chief Andrea Gore, PhD, worked with the Society staff to promote her manuscript on an animal model of menopause. By establishing her own Twitter account and coordinating with the Society, Dr. Gore was able to generate significant traffic to her Endocrinology paper. The manuscript drew 383 page views in the first week of the social media campaign - 10 times more traffic than other papers published the same day. 


Andrea Gore, PhD, tweets about her Endocrinology paper