Basic Science Abstract Sessions

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Practice-based Learning and Improvement
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General Endocrinology
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Level 1 (Participation)
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Disclosures for "Basic Mechanisms in Reproduction: From Beginning to End":

  • Daniela Urrego, BHSc - None. Maria Phylactou, MBBS - None.
  • Livio Casarini, PhD - None.
  • Shanna Newton Lavalle, BS - None.
  • Genevieve Scott Neal-Perry, PhD,MD - None.

Disclosures for "The Many Faces of Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism":

  • Arwa Mahmoud Elsheikh, MBBS - None.
  • Benjamin John Weidemann, BS - None.
  • Jose T. Muratalla, Biochemistry Undergrad - None.
  • Rebecca Arwyn Lee, MS - None.
  • Kevin Y. Lee, PhD - None.

Disclosures for "Keynote: If We Knew Then What We Know Now, Would We Have Approached The Development of Endocrine Therapies Differently":

  • Donald P McDonnell, PhD - Advisory Board Member; G1 Therapeutics, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals. Consulting Fee; Bristol-Myers Squibb, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, G1 Pharmaceuticals. Grant Recipient; Novartis Pharmaceuticals, BMS. Stock Owner; G1 Pharmaceuticals, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Viba Therapeutics. Other; Sermonix, Radius Health.
  • Stephen R Hammes, PhD, MD - None.

Disclosures for "The Many Faces of Nuclear Receptor Biology":

  • Emily Goodchild, BMBS BSc - None.
  • Fabiana Oliviero, Master's Degree - None.
  • Maria G Petrillo, PhD - None.
  • Jose Avila-Mendoza, PhD - None.
  • Zeynep Madak-Erdogan, PhD – None.

Disclosures for "From the Brain to the Belly – Insights into Pituitary and Adrenal Physiology":

  • Leonard Cheung, PhD - None.
  • Melody Salehzadeh, BSc - None.
  • Arno Téblick, MD - None.
  • Louise Cheryl Gregory, PhD - None.
  • Lori Therese Raetzman, PhD - None.