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Clinical Follow-up Question:

Use the clinical case information below to determine the appropriate next evaluation.

50 year old male former correctional officer
7 year history of progressive fatigue, muscle weakness, recurrent fractures including both hips, eventually became walker and wheelchair dependent
PMH: parathyroidectomy 2010, 2011, diagnosed with Celiac Disease
SH: no ETOH, tobacco, occupational exposure
FH: negative for bone disorders, calcium disorders
Physical Exam significant only for proximal muscle weakness most pronounced in LE and parathyroidectomy scar

Baseline Laboratory Data:
Ca (8.5-10.5 mg/dl)   8.7
Phos (2.5-4.5 mg/dl)   1.7
Creatinine   1.23
25 D (30-100 ng/ml)    32
Alk phos    253

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