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  1. What is ESAP-ITE?
  2. What content does the exam cover?
  3. How do I register for ESAP-ITE?
  4. I have been enrolled in ESAP-ITE. What is my next step?
  5. Where do I find my username and password?
  6. When will I take the exam?
  7. How do I access the exam?
  8. What should I expect on the day of the exam?
  9. How do I answer the exam questions?
  10. Can I change a response once I have answered a question?
  11. How do I submit the exam?
  12. When will I get the results of the exam?
  13. What information is included in my exam results?
  14. How are my exam results used?
What is ESAP-ITE?

The Endocrine Self-Assessment Program In-Training Exam (ESAP-ITE) is a multiple-choice self-assessment tool designed for clinical endocrinology fellows in their second and third years of training. The ESAP-ITE is included as part of the Fellows Training Series. It allows program directors and fellows to gauge level of, and gaps in, knowledge to then address as fellows prepare for board certification and the launch of their careers. The exam is available for proctoring mid-January through mid-February.

What content does the exam cover?

Developed by a panel of expert endocrinologists, ESAP-ITE questions are written at the level of proficiency expected from second- or third-year clinical endocrinology fellows and cover the spectrum of knowledge in clinical endocrinology. ESAP-ITE is modeled, in part, after the blueprint for the American Board of Internal Medicine’s certification examination in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. Measurements are also available in SI units to make the exam more accessible for international training programs.

Medical Content Category

Relative Percentage







Female Reproduction


Male Reproduction








How do I register for ESAP-ITE?

Fellowship training program directors register their fellows for the ESAP-ITE. Please contact your program director to confirm whether your fellowship training program participates in this activity. You'll use your Endocrine Society account at the Endocrine Society Center for Learning; you should give your member/customer ID number, or the email address on your account, to your program director to register you with. If you don't already have an account, create a new one and provide the details to your program director/coordinator. 

Note: Most users have an account, even non-members. If you're not sure, use the Live Chat function on the log in page or contact us for help.

I have been enrolled in ESAP-ITE. What is my next step?

You must use the Endocrine Society account you were registered with at the Endocrine Society Center for Learning to access the exam.  ESAP-ITE is a proctored exam administered by individual program directors from mid-January through mid-February. Typically, the exam is administered to all fellows at the same time in a location determined by your program director. Please see your program director and program coordinator for information specific to your ESAP-ITE exam proctoring. 

Where do I find my username and password?

You will use your Endocrine Society login credentials to access the exam. Many users, even non-members, already have an account. If you do not already have a login, you will need to create one prior to registration. If you're not sure, or need help logging in, contact us via phone (1-888-363-6762), or email (info@endocrine.org) Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST.

When will I take the exam?

Your program director or coordinator is the proctor of the exam. Please contact them directly for the exact date, time, and location of your exam.

How do I access the exam?

At the time of proctoring:

  • Log into the exam through your individual user account on the Endocrine Society Center for Learning.
  • Once you have successfully logged in to your account, you will see ESAP-ITE under “Pending Activities.”  
  • You will be prompted to provide an access code, which your exam proctor will give at the time of the exam.

Please note: If you have not already entered required demographic information into your user account, you will be prompted to do so upon signing into your account for the first time. It is strongly recommended that you enter this information prior to the exam date to ensure that you have enough time to complete the exam.

What should I expect on the day of the exam?

We recommend that you arrive at your exam location 15–30 minutes early to ensure that you are able to log into the exam. ESAP-ITE will be administered in a quiet location with a computer with internet access. We estimate the exam will take most fellows/trainees between 3–4 hours to complete. You should be allowed enough time to complete the exam in one sitting. You may NOT use books, online sources, or other resources during the exam.

To participate in this activity, fellows should have access to a computer with an internet connection and should use a fully-updated major web browser, such as Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome. In addition, cookies and Javascript must be enabled in the browser's options. If you are having trouble accessing the exam, please notify your proctor immediately so they may assist you.

ESAP-ITE  Exam Walkthrough


How do I answer the exam questions?

Upon entering the exam, you will be presented with the first of the 90 exam questions, each of which is a clinical-case vignette with 5 answer choices. Select your answer and click “Next” to save your response and proceed to the next question. You can click “Back” to return to the previous question and change your answer; you can also use the answer sheet to jump back to answered questions or forward to skip questions. When you get to the last question, you will click the next button again and have one last chance to review your answers before submitting. To submit the exam, you click “Finish”—once you have clicked “Finish”, you will not be able to change any answers.

Can I change a response once I have answered a question?

Yes, you can go back to any question by either clicking the “Back” button or using the answer sheet to jump to the question you would like to review. You may change your answers by selecting a new answer and clicking “Next” on the question screen to save your new response. However, once you have submitted all of your answers at the end of the exam by clicking "Finish", you will not be able to return to the exam or change any answers.

How do I submit the exam?

After you have reviewed the exam to ensure that all questions have been answered to your satisfaction, click “Finish” on the exam review step to complete the exam. You will not be able to return to the exam after clicking “Finish”.

When will I get the results of the exam?

Although your exam may be held early, we need to allow all programs to complete their exams before we release reports; you can expect to get your results approximately 2 weeks from the exam closing, in early March. Your individual results will be accessed by returning to ESAP-ITE in either Completed Activities or Pending Activities, entering the course, and using the left-hand navigation. Your program director/coordinator will receive separate access to a group report, your individual results, and the entire list of questions.

We recommend meeting with your program director one-on-one when you have your results to review areas that could use more support.

What information is included in my exam results?

The reports will provide your score, the average score of other fellows who completed the exam, a list of learning objectives corresponding to each question on the exam, and whether you answered each question correctly or incorrectly. Here's an abbreviated sample report (click to view):  Sample Report.png

How are my exam results used?

ESAP-ITE is designed to:

  • Provide endocrine fellows an opportunity for self-assessment
  • Identify areas where endocrine fellows need extra assistance
  • Provide program directors the opportunity to evaluate their programs

Fellows may use the feedback from the exam to:

  • Identify areas of deficiency that require further learning
  • To compare their performance with that of their peers

Program directors may use the results to:

  • Provide educational mentoring to fellows
  • Develop curricula
  • Validate the need for planned curriculum changes

The Endocrine Society does NOT share individual learner information with any third parties for marketing or listserv purposes.